Wii System Software Update problems

Wii System Software Update problems and the error code 32002

I just decided to update my Wii system software. The update process stopped with error code 32002. I tried to connect the Wii Shop to the internet and that worked flawlessly. I use the builtin wifi and I don’t want to buy the LAN-Adapter, so I searched the internet for a solution and found some articles where people described problems with the MTU settings of their internet connection.

In my case the following worked:

I opened the webinterface of my Linksys router and changed the MTU from „automatically“ to 1450. Then I started the update process on my Wii and it worked !!!

After the update I wanted to download a Wii Channel and got another error. So I changed the MTU back to „automatically“ and again that solved the problem.

So at the moment I can use the following setup with my Linksys router:

  • Use manual MTU with the parameter 1450 to update the system software
  • Use automatic MTU settings for the rest

I hope these problems will be solved with the next update.

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